ARIZONA CAPITOL TIMES: We Must Take Care of the Colorado River for Economic Prosperity, Life

Water is the foundation of life. But as essential as it is, we often take it for granted and we treat it as a never-ending resource. With Lake Mead and Lake Powell, two of the nation’s largest reservoirs, and the states along the Colorado River basin in a chronic drought condition, the Colorado River is steadily losing its ability to meet all the demands placed upon it.

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LAS VEGAS SUN: Excess methane represents a real danger to Nevadans

By: Chela Garcia

Our government has a moral obligation to listen to voters and make decisions that protect the health of our communities. And when our government changes rules, it should have the interest of its taxpayers and citizens at heart.

Unfortunately, actions by the current administration tell a different story.

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MEDIUM: LWCF is Critical to Florida, Congress Needs to Reauthorize Before it Expires

By Daniel Miguel

Twenty years ago, I was growing up in a working-class home in Westchester, FL spending my days learning bits of English from watching children’s programming on PBS. My parents were two young Cuban asylees who didn’t yet have much to their name, but they used one special community resource to make my childhood feel very rich: public parks.