HAF Statement: Study Disputes Groundwater Recharge Rates Used by Cadiz

WASHINGTON – Maite Arce, president and CEO of Hispanic Access Foundation, released the following statement in response to a peer-reviewed journal article that raises serious concerns about the Cadiz Water Project, a plan that would send water to Los Angeles and Orange counties by pumping groundwater from underneath a national park, nationa

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Hispanic Access Calls on Latinos to Share Support of Clean Power Plan in Light of EPA’s Proposed Rollback

With only days remaining in the public comment period for the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rule to eliminate the Clean Power Plan, Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF) is calling on Latinos across the nation to give input on this proposed rollback.

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DESERT SUN: Congress, reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund to invest in natural wonders

Having spent my entire life in California, it would be easy to take our beaches, forests and one of a kind national parks for granted. Especially when you consider that for many of us, we are only two hours or less away from all three landscapes. In a typical day, we could stroll down the coast and then hike into the redwood forest.

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U.S. Forest Service Urban Connections

By: Francisco Hernandez

I joined the U.S. Forest Service Urban Connections team through a stroke of good fortune. The Resource Assistant stationed in Milwaukee before me left to pursue her dream career as a wildlife rehabilitator, leaving an opportunity for me to join the USFS and Hispanic Access Foundation in our effort to connect Latinos to the outdoors.

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