ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL: Preserving and protecting the Organ Mountains is important to those who grew up around them


By Esperanza Chairez / Amherst College Student, Las Cruces Native

The mountains surrounding the Mesilla Valley, which make up the...

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Seton Survivorship Nurse Navigator Veronica Serrano, right, helps a purposely unidentified former cancer patient on Nov. 19, 2014.  From

Finding Health Care for Uninsured Latinas to Reduce ER Visits


By Veronica Zaragovia KUT News

We've all heard the stories about how a lack of health insurance can force someone to ignore small...

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HUFFINGTON POST: Taxes Key to Strengthening Latinos’ Financial Future


Maite Arce for HuffIington Post

It’s no secret that the Latino community is one of the nation’s fastest growing populations. By...

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BAKERSFIELD Community Voices: Community Voices: National parks on public lands facing relentless attacks in Washington


National parks and monuments on public lands in our state and across the nation help to define who we are as Californians, and as ...

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TEEN VOGUE: How Latinx Teens are Connecting With Nature at America's National Monuments


In this reported piece, writer Emily Hernandez traveled to New Mexico with Hispanic Access Foundation to the Organ Mountains–Desert...

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Partnership Set to Recruit the U.S. Forest Service’s Next Generation of Stewards


Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF) and the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) announced a new partnership and the launch of the recruitment...

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THE DEBATE FORUM: With Hurricanes Providing Fresh Examples of Needs, Panel is Asked What Trump Can Do to Foster Environmental Justice

10.20.17 by permission from The Environmental Forum®, Nov/Dec. 2017

Natural disasters and human disasters both...

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