May 25, 2018
By: Jesse Portillo I have always been fascinated by the natural and cultural history of the southwest, specifically those in the four corners region (Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico). My curiosity sparked when I began to learn more about the establishment of California in middle school... Read More
May 24, 2018
By: Elena Jimenez The Rio Grande National Forest (RGNF), which encompasses 1.82 million acres of the San Luis Valley and surrounding mountains in southern Colorado, has a long and unique history with evidence of human occupation dating as far back as 11,000 BCE. As a heritage intern for the... Read More
May 23, 2018
By: Andrea Kurth Before finding the Hispanic Access Foundation and the fellowships they offer through the US Forest Service, I was hopelessly searching for a job like the one I do now. I knew I wanted to help people, and was interested in breaking into the environmental education field, but... Read More
May 22, 2018
By: Jessica GodinezWhen I found yoga a few years ago, I embarked on a journey, determined to find and establish a secure mind-body connection within myself. Slowly, with each practice, the importance and the power behind fueling this connection becomes increasingly evident. Through this process, we... Read More
Aug 28, 2017
Last month was Latino Conservation Week, when hundreds of events took place around the country to celebrate and honor Hispanics’ ancestral connections to the outdoors and stewardship of the land.  No other event exemplifies this more than the clean-up of High Point canyon in the Sangre... Read More