Colorado River: Milk & Honey

The future of the Lower Colorado River is especially important to the Latino community. One-third of the nation’s Latinos live, work or receive water from the Colorado River Basin. The importance of the river to Latino families’ faith, livelihood and future is showcased in the new film “Milk and Honey,” produced by American Rivers and the Hispanic Access Foundation.

 “The Lower Colorado River is an integral part of our heritage and way of life. From serving as the backbone for the agricultural industry to providing a cultural focal point for faith communities, the Lower Colorado River is essential to the livelihood of the Southwest,” said Maite Arce, president and CEO of Hispanic Access Foundation. “By taking action now we can make strides in ensuring that future generations can continue to benefit from this tremendous resource.”

American Rivers named the Lower Colorado River America’s Most Endangered River® of 2017 shining a national spotlight on the threat that outdated water management and excessive diversions pose to the region’s communities and an economy worth billions. Because of dwindling water supplies, the Bureau of Reclamation warns that there is a nearly 50 percent change that water deliveries to lower basin farms and cities will be decreased in the next two years.

Innovative water management solutions are needed if we are to sustain the Lower Colorado River and its communities. These solutions include:

  • Optimizing existing infrastructure: making water use more efficient, improving water conservation in farms and cities
  • Pursuing lower impact supplies first: water reuse (treating wastewater so it can be recycled for irrigation or other uses)
  • Protecting natural infrastructure: using forests and wetlands to filter and store water

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