San Juan National Forest - Durango, Colorado

Partnership & Volunteer Coordinator

The Partnership & Volunteer Coordinator will assess the overall partnership and volunteer efforts and assist in prioritizing projects/investments for these programs.  The position will provide for better outreach, recruitment and training in San Juan National Forest by leveraging federal funds to develop cooperative projects with other agencies, non-profit organizations, universities, private companies, and individuals. The coordinator will also recruit interns and volunteers, prepare grant applications, track and manage budgets, and use social media platforms to share educational information. Some of the main tasks and goals include: 

  • Improve/maintain/support relationships with partners and volunteers by to partners and volunteers
  • Improve tracking of partner and volunteer projects and accomplishments
  • Increase ability to leverage partner and volunteer resources, while also increasing capacity of natural resource management programs
  • Engage in planning and implementing projects with partners and volunteers
  • Coordinate  grant applications and letters of recommendation
  • Assess partnership and volunteer programs
  • List recommendations and develop future strategies for the partnership and volunteer programs
  • Outreach and recruitment plan for volunteers and interns
  • Organize and provide individualized training and meetings for districts and volunteer organizations
  • Coordinate the monitoring and evaluation of projects


  • Open to a variety of Bachelor's or Master’s Degrees
  • Knowledge of professional social science, natural resource, recreation, or land management principles.
  • Ability to prepare collaborative projects and budget plans.
  • Knowledge of strategic planning and grant proposal writing.
  • Knowledge and ability in interpersonal relations and communications to network, collaborate and coordinate, work cooperatively and effectively with state, federal, and non-profits organizations as well as interested groups and individuals orally and in writing.
  • Knowledge of federal, local, and private grants and agreements, regulations, and procedures would be a plus!
  • Ability to work with key cooperators from other agencies, institutions, and groups.
  • Driver’s license will be required to operate government vehicles


Government Housing will be provided at no cost.


A driver’s license is required for work duties.