Samantha Hermann
Agency: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Program: Directorate Resource Assistant Fellows Program (DFP)
Location: Kealia Pond National Widllife Refuge
Intern Year(s): 2020

Samantha Hermann

Being spellbound by the natural world her entire life Samantha decided to base her entire life around the pursuit of the world’s preservation. Growing up on a farm Samantha learned how to care for, love, and let go of many animals. She also became heavily involved in her community leading 4-H clubs and participating in various volunteer groups. Her combination of enthusiasm for biology and her interest in the community lead her down the path of becoming a conservation social scientist. This journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in marine science. From there she continued on her educational journey to obtain two master’s degrees one in Environmental Science and one in Public Administration. With this combination of education, experience, and enthusiasm she hopes to one day obtain a career that will make a real difference for the natural world. She believes the best way to conserve the precious animals and ecosystems she admires so dearly, is to provide a robust emotional connect between these places and the public. She often says through good education comes appreciation and conservation. 

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July 08, 2020
June 15, 2020

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