HUFFINGTON POST: We must protect our U.S. National Monuments established through the Antiquities Act – created by Republican president Teddy Roosevelt

People do not necessarily get excited when a discussion comes up related to the protection of our National Monuments. Let’s be honest, it seems like a boring topic that does not seem to affect our daily lives, but it does.

So how do we make such a topic interesting? So that we can inspire individuals to support an online petition?

MEDIUM: Outcries against Trump’s executive order ring across the West: A roundup of responses to the president’s latest attack on public lands

President Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order placing 24 national monuments under “review,” thereby opening the door to remove or reduce protections for these cherished lands.

NEW YORK TIMES: To These Pastors, Saving the Colorado River Is a Divine Command

By Fernanda Santos New York Times 

YUMA, Ariz. — The Rev. Victor Venalonzo opened his New Testament to the Book of Revelation on a recent Sunday and offered the men and women assembled at Iglesia Betania for a weekly Bible study a fresh look at its apocalyptic message.