Apr 21, 2017
American Rivers today named the Lower Colorado River America’s Most Endangered River® of 2017 shining a national spotlight on the threat that outdated water management and excessive diversions pose to the region’s communities and an economy worth billions. Because of dwindling water... Read More
Apr 17, 2017
By Fernanda Santos New York Times YUMA, Ariz. — The Rev. Victor Venalonzo opened his New Testament to the Book of Revelation on a recent Sunday and offered the men and women assembled at Iglesia Betania for a weekly Bible study a fresh look at its apocalyptic message.“We... Read More
Apr 11, 2017
Blake Herzog The lower Colorado River has been named the "Most Endangered River of 2017" by American Rivers, a widely circulated list which focuses on the river southward from where it crosses over the Utah state line into Arizona, near Page.American Rivers, a national advocacy group... Read More
Apr 11, 2017
YubaNetAmerican Rivers today released its annual list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers®, identifying ten rivers facing urgent threats and critical decisions this year. The list highlights the dangers Trump Administration budget cuts pose to rivers and communities nationwide.... Read More
Apr 11, 2017
Alexandra E. Petri National Geographic Water is life, yet climate change and certain public policies may be endangering its future in America, a nonprofit group warns in a new report. The stakes are high, with the current presidential administration having proposed budget cuts that may... Read More