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Latino Climate Council (LCC) Advisory Council

The Latino Climate Council serves as advisors for Hispanic Access’ research, advocacy, and programs on climate change, as well as being strong advocates for climate action that represent the Latino community we work with. The purpose of the Council and Hispanic Access' climate work in general is to elevate Latino voices in climate advocacy, educate the Latino community on the importance of taking climate action, and activate Latinos as a crucial constituency in favor of climate action.

While the Biden administration will bring a new influx of resources to help address climate change and has committed to investing in environmental justice, it is important that environmental gains are made in such a way to provide equity, justice, and decision-making power to communities that have historically lacked them. Hispanic Access Foundation leverages and elevates the expertise, talent and passion of our young, Black, Indigenous and People of Color professional networks, namely MANO Project alumni, who develop a shared narrative around climate and environmental justice and ensure that progress includes a holistic focus on impacts to the most vulnerable communities. With a diverse pool of experts, the Latino Climate Council will help us navigate the complex, intersectional nature of climate change and just transition policy and Latino communities.


Currently, the council is made up of 28 members.

Por La Creación Advisory Council (PLC)

The Por La Creación Faith-Based Alliance, composed of Latino faith leaders around the US, educates and empowers stewards of God’s creation to leave a legacy for the future, by encouraging Latinos to take active engagement in protecting the nation’s natural resources. Por La Creación’s leadership has been instrumental in spurring change that preserves our natural treasures for future generations, and we hope it will continue to do so.

Faith leaders’ experience on the advisory council is needed to develop a theological framework and message that resonates with faith leaders and their communities on the importance of serving as an advocate for environmental conservation. The advisory council will help us choose topics for training and discussion and advise us on recruitment and planning convenings.


Currently the council is made up of 54 members.

Olas y Acción Ocean Council (OYA)

For example, our Olas y Acción Ocean Council is a group of young Latino professionals, most of whom are MANO alumni, in ocean and marine science, who advise us year-round on ocean policy and our ocean content and materials. They help us organize community-based and national events and participate in fly-ins, lead webinars, assist with research and policy, carry out projects, and more.

OYA serve as advisors for Hispanic Access' research on the ocean and the dissemination of this research, as well as being strong advocates for ocean conservation that represent the Latino community we work with. The purpose of the Council and Hispanic Access' ocean work in general is to connect traditionally marginalized communities to their ocean, regardless of their physical proximity to the ocean. We hope to educate our community on the importance the ocean has within our communities, the economy, and how the conservation of the ocean is critical in the fight against climate change. Additionally, we hope to help elevate the voices of Latino communities in ocean conservation efforts.


Currently we have about 6 members, with the goal of growing this group in the next couple of years.


MANO Advisory Council(My Access to Network Opportunities)

Launched in 2015, Hispanic Access’ MANO Project serves to connect, build, and develop thoughtful Latino and other minority leaders who share a passion for serving and strengthening their communities. With MANO, Hispanic Access brokers partnerships with federal agencies and recruits current college students or graduates (ages 18 to 35) across the country to serve in rigorous federal internships and fellowships.

Join a council to help build your leadership skills!

We offer fun events, enriching workshops and trainings, peer support, networking opportunities, chances to be featured in videos and articles, chances to meet your elected officials, public speaking opportunities, and much more!

You will be making a difference and working for your community.

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