Latino Heritage Internship Program

The National Park Service and Hispanic Access Foundation’s Latino Heritage Internship Program is designed to train young people in the skills of cultural, historical, natural resource management. The program will raise awareness of our national parks and historic sites, their accessibility and the need for the Latino community’s involvement in their preservation.

For this purpose, HAF will select and oversee twenty three highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students to work alongside NPS historians, interpreters, archaeologists, architects, and curators on cultural resources projects in different park units, offices and historical sites throughout the nation. Students will have substantive assignments in their areas of study, work closely with NPS staff day-to-day and receive additional mentoring and support through HAF. These ten-week internships will be compensated with a weekly stipend, and housing and transportation costs will be fully covered. 

Basic Eligibility

  • Age 18 to 35
  • Possess US citizenship or permanent residence
  • Be enrolled in a post-secondary educational program or have graduated from college within the past year
  • Have a strong interest — or relevant experience —  in areas pertaining to — but not limited to —  history, historic preservation, public history, museum studies, archaeology, cultural interpretation, landscape architecture, anthropology or other related fields.    
  • Bilingual skills (Spanish/English) -- helpful and more needed for some positions
  • Be social media savvy!

Time frame

  • Applications must be submitted by February 6th, 2016. Top candidates will be selected for interviews between mid-January and March.  Placement decisions and assignments will generally be made during the month of March.
  • The 10-week internship period will begin in late May through early June 2016 and conclude in August through early September 2016 depending on specific requirements of the project site.

Background & Goals

A 2014 research briefing by Latino Decisions and the Hispanic Access Foundation analyzed nine major public opinion polls from the last three years and found that Latinos overwhelmingly support greater environmental protections, such as preserving parks and public lands. Additionally, this briefing found that 1) Latinos viewed natural and cultural resource conservation as essential to a better quality of life and that 2) Latinos believe individuals and government have important roles in protecting these resources. This program will seek to increase the engagement of Latinos, as they are currently the most underrepresented population group in the NPS workforce.

The program will advance employment and community engagement opportunities with an emphasis on cultural resource stewardship and interpretation. It will target undergraduates and graduate students, while developing mission critical internship projects that will support NPS goals and objectives. The experience will create strong mentor and protégé relationships and support the career growth of talented students. In addition, it will help to expand NPS outreach into Latino communities nationally and develop deep and sustainable partnerships.

Selection criteria 

Applications will be reviewed and rated according to the following criteria - relevant educational and work experience, oral and written communication skills, maturity, professionalism, technical knowledge and expertise, adaptability and adventurousness, and ability to work effectively with diverse audiences. Candidates may express interest in specific geographic and thematic areas. Specific assignments will be based on best fit with specific requirements of each NPS location. Final candidates will undergo a background check before beginning their assignment.

Available Positions

The internships will take place at the following locations. On the application, you will be able to select multiple positions that interest you.

For more Latino Heritage Internship Program positions, visit Environment for the Americas at:

C & O Canal National Historical Park - Great Falls, MD
Urban Youth and Family Special Planning
Two interns will plan and develop a calendar of unique interpretive events geared toward youth and family visitors to the C&O Canal National Historical Park for Summer/Fall 2016.  These programs will explore various park themes, local history, National Park Service initiatives and recreational opportunities, with a focus on the 2016 Centennial celebration. READ MORE

 C & O Canal National Historical Park - Great Falls, MD
 Chesapeake and Ohio Canal - Urban Youth and Family Special Planning
 Two interns will plan and develop a calendar of unique interpretive events geared toward youth and family visitors to the C&O Canal National Historical Park for  Summer/Fall 2016. These programs will explore various park themes, local history, National Park Service initiatives and recreational opportunities, with a focus on the 2016 Centennial celebration. READ MORE

WASO Archeology - Tucson, Arizona
Linking Latino Heritage through Archeology

Linking Latino Heritage Through Archeology is a program that uses archeology as a bridge to connect urban Hispanic youth in Tucson, Arizona to their cultural history.  The intern will be working with the students and teachers during a four week period from mid-May to mid-June. During this period students will be visiting an archeological site, visiting local National Park sites, participating in archaeological lab exercises, learning past cultural practices, and interacting with individuals from the Hispanic community and Tohono O'odahm tribe. READ MORE

Jacksonville Urban Fellow - Jacksonville, FL
Urban Fellow Program Assistant

The intern will assist the Southeast Region’s Urban Fellow in designing and implementing several components of a Junior Ranger Jacksonville program. The primary components of Junior Ranger Jacksonville include a Saltwater Fish Camp, a progressive camping program, and community programming. These programs will be created to reach underserved population groups in the city of Jacksonville. One prevailing role of this internship is for the intern to identify how to engage Latino communities. READ MORE

Everglades National Park - Miami, FL
Education and Interpretation
Develop a pre-visit or post-visit lesson plan and accompanying materials related to the Nike Missile Crisis. The intern will be paired with a Teacher-Ranger-Teacher who can help guide the lesson plan writing and learn the foundations of interpretation and how to create opportunities for people to connect to their parks. READ MORE


Everglades and Dry Tortugas - Miami, FL
Cultural Resources

The intern will be mentored by the Chief of the Cultural Resources division, in addition to other members of the Cultural Resources division both at Everglades National Park and Dry Tortugas National Park. The intern will complete a tangible digital project that will not only be of benefit to Dry Tortugas and Everglades National Parks, but will also benefit the intern’s research skills, knowledge of the parks, and abilities to manage and create digital media. Interns have the opportunity to work with other departments at Everglades and Dry Tortugas National Parks and implement innovative ideas that use digital content to increase access and promote and inspire interest in the park's’ cultural and natural histories. READ MORE

Fort Larned National Historic Site - Larned, Kansas
Promoting Hispanic Heritage
Fort Larned National Historic Site is located along the Santa Fe Trail in Kansas. Current exhibits offer a look at frontier life and the tumultuous history of the army  interaction with Native American nations. READ MORE


Pecos National Historical Site - Pecos, New Mexico
Picture This! Digital Imagery at Pecos National Historical Park
This project is to have a film/photography undergraduate or graduate student help the park 1. add to its digital library by producing high quality resource images, 2. organize the park's current digital library using NPS digital media classification standards and 3. produce short (2-5min) podcasts on park resources. READ MORE

Philadelphia Urban Fellow - Philadelphia, PA
As part of the NPS Urban Agenda initiative, the park is working on a variety of projects to expand their outreach and connections with youth and families. This summer, the park will host events celebrating the NPS Centennial as well as the Democratic National Convention. We are seeking an intern to help develop, plan, and participate in programs and events throughout the summer. Additionally, the intern will assist with planning and outreach efforts to connect with the local Latino community seeking input and participation in planning efforts for future growth. READ MORE

Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Tule Springs Fossil Beds - Las Vegas, Nevada
Encuentra Tu Parque Strategic Communications Outreach

The intern at Lake Mead National Recreation Area will help develop a Latino Strategic Communications Outreach Plan to circulate interpretive messages to the Las Vegas community, specifically the area’s Latino youth. Through the summer project, the intern will receive true hands-on media, public affairs and community relations training in one of the nation's busiest national parks. Additionally, he or she will assist with writing press releases, fact sheets and other print materials in Spanish, while also conducting select media interviews with Spanish speaking television stations to help promote Lake Mead and Tule Springs, along with the Find Your Park campaign. READ MORE

Centennial Office -  Washington, DC
Centennial Intern

The intern will work with the Centennial Office team on Find Your Park campaigns by developing social media content, promotional videos and Spanish material templates for parks. For this project, the selected intern will be paired with a member of the Centennial Office team for mentoring. Furthermore, the intern will also be paired with staff in one of the National Capital Region 14 parks for a day of professional shadowing to learn about park operations and for further orientation about  NPS. Through this summer project, the Centennial intern will gain experience in creating outreach materials, while also working in a high profile professional environment and honing their presentation and communications skills. READ MORE

San Juan Island National Historical Park - San Juan Island, Washington

San Juan Island National Historical Park (SAJH) contains unique and irreplaceable cultural resources located within a dynamic coastal environment that is highly susceptible to climate change. The participant will assist in a project that will help the park better manage its cultural resources in a changing ecosystem. Specifically, the intern will assist NPS staff in managing these valuable cultural resources by establishing monitoring stations at each site. The intern will also update Washington State Archaeological Site Forms, perform public outreach, participate in other park resource management activities (as needed), and complete a report describing the project, detailing methodology, initial findings, possible outcomes, and recommendations. READ MORE

Chamizal National Memorial - El Paso, TX
Segundo Barrio (Second City) Outreach

The Segundo Barrio Outreach will provide the LHIP Intern with experience in leading programs and presentations to children, developing programs wide range of topics reflecting the National Park Service’s history and celebration of 100th birthday, and and presentations of Chamizal National Memorial story: history, culture, and environment (particularly the Rio Grande River and the Chihuahuan Desert ecosystem). Other activities include working with a team of rangers to design games to engage children to go outside and visit local city, state, and national parks (hiking, birding, camping, photography, etc.), participating in park events such as Trailblazers and Every Kid in a Park, Music Under the Stars, special summer concerts, and outreach theater events. READ MORE

Guadalupe Mountains National Park - Salt Flat, TX
This project is a multi-disciplinary internship with the Division of Resource Management at Guadalupe Mountains National Park (GUMO). This internship provides an opportunity for an intern to learn the day-to-day operations and diverse career opportunities available in resource management.  The intern will work with the cultural resource, natural resource, and geographical information systems (GIS) programs on assisting NPS staff to complete assessments on historic structures, assisting park archeologist in completing archeological site condition assessments, , photographing natural and cultural museum collections (specimens and artifacts) and doing data management in ArcGIS. READ MORE

Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation - Boston, MA
Designing the Parks Internship Program

The intern will work directly with a landscape architect and as part of a project team to provide technical assistance on specific park projects. For example, the intern will assist with the completion of a cultural landscape inventory or report for a park in the Northeast. Specific tasks include attending meetings at the designated park with their mentor; gathering data and taking photographs in the field; creating maps of the existing conditions of the landscape using GIS, CAD, and Adobe map layers; writing narrative descriptions of the landscape; and preparing recommendations for preservation, rehabilitation, and/or restoration of the historic landscape. READ MORE

Lowell National Historical Park - Lowell, MA
Community Engagement Summer Experience

The Lowell National Historical Park intern will serve as a member of a special events team working in the Division of Interpretation and Education staff to present community engagement activities and special events to the local residents to support the park's Centennial Mission plan of engaging the next generation of park users. Activities include — but are not excluded to — developing and presenting activities to young people at programs such as Your City Summers, the Lowell Folk Festival, and other events as determined by needs and input from the intern. READ MORE

Boston National Historical Park- Boston, Massachusetts
Boston Urban Agenda: Communication & Outreach

The intern will work on communication & outreach strategies for connecting to Boston communities with the park’s resources. For this, the intern would look at existing use of communications including web sites and social media, different available and emerging communication platforms and best practices. One of the principles of the Urban Agenda is collaboration both within and outside of the National Park Service. The intern will have the opportunity to work with staff from the 3 national parks in Boston: Boston National Historical Park, Boston African American National Historic Site and Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area as well as some of the program staff in the Northeast Regional Office in Boston. READ MORE

Biscayne National Park- Homestead, FL
Increasing Biscayne National Park Identity in the Latin American Community of Greater Miami, FL

The intern will have the opportunity to shadow park scientists and rangers on diverse projects and programs. As a tangible outcome the intern will develop a database of community programs affiliated with local colleges, universities, public and private parks, museums, private industry and non-profit organizations that relate to Biscayne National Park's mission and goals (I.e. cultural resource protection, environmental education, marine protection, boater safety, etc.).  He/she will determine best matches for outreach and education collaborations and create e-mail lists to increase communication, identify cross marketing potential in social media outlets and identify potential environmental education collaborators. READ MORE

Biscayne National Park- Homestead, FL
Archaeological Shipwreck Evaluation in Biscayne National Park

During the summer of 2016, at least two shipwreck evaluation projects will be carried out under the guidance of the Park's archaeologist. One will be conducted as a field school through a prominent university program and the other will be conducted using NPS staff and equipment. The park is seeking a 10-week intern who will serve as a member of the archeological dive and field team. The intern's primary duties will be as field staff and as a dive buddy to the Park archeologist and/or archeological technician. The intern will participate in underwater evaluation and documentation of archeological remains and will work in the park's conservation lab, conducting supervised treatments on any artifacts recovered during archeological investigations. READ MORE

Heritage Documentation Programs, Historic American Buildings Survey - Washington, DC
Architect / CAD Draftsman / Historic Preservation Technician

Conduct architectural measured drawing documentation of historic structures and/or sites. Anticipated Project (Subject to Change): Power House Complex, Ellis Island, New York. The intern will work independently or in a team environment to produce architectural documentation, to HABS/HAER/HALS standards, for inclusion our collection in the Library of Congress. Architects measure buildings, landscapes, industrial structures, sites, and objects, including floating vessels, and produce existing-conditions drawings in CAD, including drawings that interpret and explain industrial processes and engineering works. The internship is 12 weeks in length. READ MORE


Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS) - Washington, DC - Washington, DC
Documentation of Constitution Gardens

The documentation of Constitution Gardens in Washington, DC for the Historic American Landscapes Survey with AutoCAD measured drawings produced from laser scanning and hand measuring.  The intern will be part of a team including other student landscape architects, architects, an historian and a photographer.  The internship is 12 weeks in length. READ MORE


San Antonio Missions National Historical Park- San Antonio, TX
Update Inventory of Museum Exhibits Parkwide

The park is currently working on a Long Range Interpretive Plan. When that plan is complete the park will consider updating and/or replacing its two main museum exhibits which were installed in the 1990s and have not been updated since. At the time of installation, much of the paper documentation of the exhibit for museum collections was not completed. This position would assist in assessing these exhibits, completing the museum documentation and ensuring that environmental monitoring equipment is up to date and accurate.The intern may also assist in annual museum reporting requirements. The intern will learn about the Department of Interior and National Park Service museum standards. They will be given training in the Interior's Collection Management System database (ICMS). READ MORE

WASO Communications Office- Washington DC
Public Affairs Assistant

The NPS Office of Communications facilitates and coordinates both internal and external messages about the National Park Service in an effort to increase awareness and understanding of the role and functions of the agency. The intern will be part of national efforts to attract and engage new visitors to national parks and work primarily in public affairs/media relations. Additionally, the intern will help with outreach on projects that connect various audiences to the National Park Service, its mission, and amazing places, while also promoting the work of the interns involved in LHIP. READ MORE


George Washington Memorial Parkway
Museum Collections and Archives Internship

The selected individual would help with the continued organization, management, cataloging, and filing of records materials to assure that all GWMP cultural resource management records, archives, and library resource files and materials are appropriately accounted for under NPS Guidelines. Park staff will direct the intern's work and provide opportunities for the intern to learn about the wide range of tasks associated with cultural resource management in a federal agency. READ MORE