Who We Reach

We work in many areas of the country with large Hispanic populations.  But Hispanic Access Foundation serves Hispanic communities across the United States, independent of where they live.

Our hotline services, traditional media, and electronic media are available to everyone—including native Spanish speakers, English-only speakers, recent arrivals to the U.S. or Hispanic families who have been here for generations.

The people who benefit from our services include a broad spectrum of ages, countries of origin, and issues of concern. We serve all Hispanics independent of their language preference, immigration status, or socioeconomic level.

We concentrate many of our community-based outreach efforts in major Hispanic markets in addition to the “new-growth” Hispanic communities, where there are large numbers of recent immigrants who tend to be marginalized from the greater community.

In these communities language and cultural differences are often significant barriers to receiving health and human services, and people need help in navigating the complex systems that are different from those in their countries of origin.

The Spanish-language dominant population experiences significant disparities with regard to health, education, economic standing and civic participation when compared with the general U.S. population.