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Sydnee Martin
Agency: U.S. Forest Service
Program: Resource Assistance Program (RAP)
Location: Coronado National Forest
Intern Year(s): 2020

Sydnee Martin

Sydnee Martin graduated of The George Washington University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies and a minor in Journalism and Mass Communications in May 2020. While writing has always been of interest to her, it wasn’t until the age of 15 when Sydnee started writing professional fictional works, ultimately leading to her first self-published book, “Just One Week.” Sydnee’s passions lie beyond writing. Her love for history and culture have blended into her photography and multimedia creation projects. In the future, she hopes to do her part in highlighting and providing opportunities to underrepresented communities in the Leisure and Travel industry. She believes bringing her experience to the industry could spark a passion in others to want to learn more about the world by exploring what it has to offer. In her free time, she enjoys spontaneous (yet slightly planned) adventures, reading, writing, and working on her podcast.

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