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Hailey Carrillo
Agency: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Program: Directorate Resource Assistant Fellows Program (DFP)
Location: Sacramento Regional Office
Intern Year(s): 2021

Hailey Carrillo

Hailey Carrillo is finishing her final year at the University of Florida where she is majoring in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. Her passion for the environment stemmed from her childhood growing up on the beaches of South Florida. Inspired by her experiences of being raised by a single parent, Hailey hopes to inspire people from underrepresented backgrounds to have a voice in the scientific field. She has interned at Disney and the South Florida Wildlife center and has also gained experience in environmental education by volunteering at her local museum. In the future, Hailey dreams of continuing her passion for ecology by working with manatee populations at Epcot Seas and eventually returning to school for her master’s degree in ecology. In her free time, she loves to knit, play volleyball, and paint.

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