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Ivana Mowry-Mora
Agency: National Park Service
Program: Harpers Ferry Center Program (HFC)
Location: National Capital Region
Intern Year(s): 2020

Ivana Mowry-Mora

Ivana Mowry-Mora is currently the Community Outreach Fellow for the National Park Service-National Capital Region. Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH (But graduated high school in New Mexico at the United World College!) to a Venezuelan immigrant mother and an American father. Her mother is a Latinx community leader in the city and took Ivana everywhere growing up, which inspired her passion for advocacy and empowerment. Ivana has fond memories of English/Spanish classes and reading, going to museums, enjoying parks and the outdoors growing up, which developed into a deep love for the arts and the environment as ways to bring people together. She is graduating this spring with a Geography major and Geographic Information Systems minor from George Washington University in Washington, DC, and identifies within the field as a creative/geographer. Geography and storytelling go hand in hand, as geography traces the stories of interconnectedness of humans and the ecosystems around us. Ivana aspires to combine the arts, geography, advocacy and education to uplift and empower others and deepen understanding and empathy across differences.

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