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Arturo Angeles
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Arturo Angeles

Conservation Communications Associate

As the Conservation Communications Associate, Arturo provides Spanish-bilingual communications media and media outreach to increase the visibility and impact of Hispanic Access’ conservation program.

Prior to joining Hispanic Access, Arturo was a communications lead at an international environmental conservation organization and a consultant at a U.S.-Mexico binational environmental conservation organization. He is the person who led the movement and multi-year campaign to educate the public and legislate the prohibition of plastic bags south of the border, in Tijuana, Mexico.

Arturo has a B.A. in Biology from San Diego State University and an M.S. in Resilient and Sustainable Communities from Prescott College.

Why he works for Hispanic Access…

“As a newly arrived student in the U.S., I felt lost trying to navigate the world and the environmental conservation workplace, where I was always the only Latino. I could have greatly benefited if Hispanic Access Foundation had been around so they could connect me to resources and opportunities. Now I want to help and empower others to become environmental conservationists and community leaders.”

In his spare time…

“I exercise. Exercise is my therapy and my self-care time. I go to the gym, to ballet class, or go running.”

His favorite book…

“I have always been interested in meditation and the mind. The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton was the book that blew my mind.”

A person he finds inspirational…

“I don’t have a single person that inspires me. I tend to be inspired by colleagues and 'normal' people hustling and achieving great things despite their day-to-day obstacles and challenges.”

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