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Carina Chavez
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Carina Chavez

Program Associate, MANO Project

Originally from Southern California, Carina pursued a Bachelor of Science in International Agricultural Development at the University of California, Davis, providing her with a solid foundation in understanding diverse communities and sustainable development. She is an AmeriCorps alumna, having served with the American Red Cross in Disaster Cycle Services. Here, she found fulfillment in assisting those in need, particularly in her local community. Her fluency in Spanish proved invaluable as she became one of the few individuals capable of bridging language barriers and providing essential support to Spanish-speaking individuals during times of crisis. Carina has worked with the California Conservation Corps where she onboarded new young adults to the program and lead conservation awareness and career development training. In her last role, she worked with Solar Cookers International, an organization which focuses on providing solar cooking solutions to communities in need, particularly in regions where access to clean cooking fuels is limited or unavailable.

Why she works for Hispanic Access…

“I am excited to be part of an organization that empowers Hispanic communities by providing access to education, resources, and opportunities all while prioritizing diversity and inclusivity, creating a space where I can bring my unique perspective and experiences to the table.”

In her spare time…

“I enjoy being out in nature, reading, or spending time with my siblings. I love journaling and have an ever growing collection of pens and inks.”

Her favorite book…

“I love the Harry Potter series. I remember this being the first set of novels that I read outside of a school setting, and I enjoyed it so much that it sparked my love for reading. My family gifted me a set of the books and they were something I deeply cherished.”

A person she finds inspirational…

“The person I find most inspirational in my life is my father. My dad has worked hard all his life to give his family better opportunities and has always been a pillar of support for me. He instilled in me a strong work ethic, the importance of taking responsibility, and the commitment to giving my best effort in everything that I do."

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