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Jasmine Ezell
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Jasmine Ezell

Hispanic Leadership Network Program Associate

As a member of Hispanic Access Foundation’s Hispanic Leadership Network (HLN), Jasmine works in facilitating HLN’s mentoring and leadership program to support young, mid-career and experienced Latino pastors serving high-need rural and urban congregations across the U.S.

Growing up in Southern California, and within different Spanish-speaking communities, Jasmine developed her love for public service and community outreach by watching her mother serve in the local church and perform faith-based outreach to those in need. Jasmine was later able to serve alongside her mother in hosting back to school drives and engaging in outreach initiatives.

Jasmine holds a B.A in Cultural Anthropology (emphasis in Community Development in Latino Communities). While in college, she served as an intern for the Jesse Miranda Center for Hispanic Leadership, where she assisted the leadership team with creating connections between the faith community, education, and the Hispanic community at large. She also worked with local Hispanic clergy and faith leaders to facilitate annual Latino Prayer Breakfasts and other community engagement events in the Southern California area. Additionally, during her college years, she was able to participate in mission work at Footsteps Orphanage in Honduras (Tegucigalpa and Santa Barbara). Upon graduation, Jasmine worked as a medical outreach worker in Downtown San Diego, focusing on high need communities such as the homeless and Spanish-speaking immigrants. She later transitioned into the role of bilingual prenatal case manager in the vibrant Latino community of Barrio Logan/Logan Heights, where she was able to provide prenatal case management and support to the local community. In addition to these roles, she has also worked within the education field as a teacher and in the healthcare field as a Patient Liaison and advocate.

Why she works for Hispanic Access…

"I desire to see Latino and underrepresented communities flourish and thrive. I love the idea that I can couple my love for community development, my cultural anthropology education, and my passion for the Latino community into my role as Program Associate. Through Hispanic Access, I can utilize my personal, educational, and professional experiences to benefit the communities we serve. Hispanic Access provides me the opportunity to do what I love while making a significant impact that will uplift Latino leaders and the community."


In her spare time…

“I LOVE watching K-dramas and foreign films! My other interests include collecting cute stationery, ballet class, going to the orchestra, the beach, and traveling. I am vegan as well, so I love searching out new restaurants to enjoy and trying out new recipes.”

Her favorite book…

“I have so many books I love but one that was impactful to me is “Let Me Be A Woman” by Elisabeth Elliot. It touches on themes of faith, family, and growing into womanhood.”

A person she finds inspirational…

“As cliché as this may sound, I would say my mother. She is an amazing woman and her consistent character, integrity, and walk of faith has truly inspired me and pushed me to be the woman I am today. She is constantly motivating me to not only be successful externally, but to cultivate my inner wellbeing and spirit. She is the same behind closed doors as she is in public and that is rare. She is truly my best friend!”

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