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Evelyn Aviles
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Evelyn Aviles

Administrative Navigator

Evelyn is an Administrative Navigator for the Community Navigator Program where she supports the needs and operation of the program and Community Navigators.

Prior to joining the Hispanic Access Foundation, Evelyn’s career has spanned over 20 years as an Administrative Professional at both Yale-New Haven Health and Yale University. Her previous positions have given her experience in both Academic and Clinical settings.


Why she works for Hispanic Access…

"I have a passion for working in underserved communities, lifting up Hispanic voices and sharing resources to build up the Hispanic community. Hispanic Access does exactly that!"


In her spare time…

“I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also love reading and watching movies.”

Her favorite book…

“I love to read my Bible as it reminds me of God's beautiful plan and promises. My favorite book has always been “To Kill A Mockingbird” ever since I read it in high school.”

A person she finds inspirational…

“My father is my inspiration, my hero, a warrior.. He has been such a great influence in my life. From picking “Pallitos” in the field at the young age of 15 to support his family, to serving in the military and becoming a Drug Enforcement Agent. He overcame many obstacles and tragic circumstances in his life by God’s grace and strength. He is now battling Alzheimer's disease and I can still see that warrior soul inside of him!”

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Hispanic Access Foundation connects Latinos and others with partners and opportunities to improve lives and create an equitable society.

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