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Lesley Zepeda
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Lesley Zepeda

Administrative Navigator

Before coming to Hispanic Access Foundation, I worked in the Community Management industry as an Administrative Assistant, helping various managers with the day to day operations of managing communities and properties. This also included assisting people with their requests and goals in their community. I have 10+ years of administrative experience and working with communities.


Why she works for Hispanic Access…

"I work for Hispanic Access because I feel that I align with their Mission to assist the Latino community. I want to help elevate the Latino communitie's voices and be able to provide the resources and assistance needed. That is exactly what Hispanic Access provides!"


In her spare time…

“In my spare time I love to spend time with my kids, whether it be playing video games, watching their favorite shows or just talking and having time as a family. I spend my time at my son's football games and at both my daughters' dance performances. They both dance Ballet Folklorico. I love to be present at their performances and games. I also like to tend to my little backyard farm of chickens.”

Her favorite book…

“I don't have a favorite book at the moment, but I can definitely remember reading the Harry Potter series and just being able to have that magical escape. So I would say that anything that I read that provides that escape, is my favorite!”

A person she finds inspirational…

“A person that I find inspirational would be my Mom. Growing up I have seen her learn and push through in everything that she does, persevere. She is constantly taking classes, reading books, researching and anything she can do to better herself. She has taught me that no matter what stage you are in life, you can always do what you set yourself to do. A Lot of me setting my goals and pushing through to achieve them has been from learning from her and watching her always pushing through and always learning.”

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Hispanic Access Foundation connects Latinos and others with partners and opportunities to improve lives and create an equitable society.

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