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Ana Jimenez
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Ana Jimenez

Conservation Networks Manager

Ana Jimenez joined the Hispanic Access Foundation in January 2024 as the Conservation Networks Manager. With a passion for environmental conservation and a commitment to fostering positive relationships, she plays a pivotal role in advancing the mission of the Hispanic Access Foundation while elevating the voices of Latino communities. Before joining the Hispanic Access, she worked as a trustee liaison and government relation specialist for The Nature Conservancy. Ana has over nine years of experience working in the non-profit sector. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Political Sciences from Fort Hays State University and her Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Kansas. She has a special interest in equitable and urban conservation.


Why she works for Hispanic Access…

"The Hispanic Access Foundation connects to my passions: conservation and serving the Latino community. I want to be part of an organization that aligns with my interests and values. That is what the Hispanic Access is for me!"


In her spare time…

“I like going on long walks with my dog, traveling, and I also do competitive powerlifting.”

Her favorite book…

“My favorite book is 'Perks of Being a Wallflower.'”

A person she finds inspirational…

“My parents are my biggest inspiration. They have taught me many things, and I look up to them. They are my biggest support system.”

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