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Hilda Berganza
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Hilda Berganza

Climate Manager

As the Climate Manager, Hilda oversees overall resources and programming for climate.

Hilda is a climate expert, leader, and champion specializing in climate restoration. She joins Hispanic Access Foundation from Girl Up, United Nations Foundation where she created and implemented Girl Up's digital open-source climate restoration course and set the stage for additional climate programming. Before that, Hilda spent two years as the Youth Program Director and Project Manager at the Foundation for Climate Restoration. Her mission is to provide tools, education, and resources to underrepresented communities so that, as a collective voice, people globally and within the U.S. are empowered in their climate activism journey. Her goal is to teach others about the impact of climate change, the solutions that exist to restore the climate, and the importance of taking action toward climate mitigation, climate adaptation, and climate restoration actions.

"When my time here on Earth is complete, I want to go knowing that I did my part in leaving this Earth exactly the way I found it or better" - Hilda on GirlPlanet.Earth


Why she works for Hispanic Access…

"I come from a Guatemalan family. I have seen firsthand the struggles of Latinos in Latin countries and within the U.S. Mental health, spirituality, climate change, and financial education are all core conversations in Latino households that sometimes do not get addressed because of a lack of education, resources, or time. To join an organization such as Hispanic Access Foundation that addresses these topics (and more) and builds bridges to provide a voice and a safe space for Latinos to connect is extremely inspirational. I'm happy to have found this organization."


In her spare time…

“In my spare time I spend time with family and friends. I am fulfilled when doing outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and gardening. I love to cook and have the most fun when trying new recipes and/or cooking for family and friends. If possible I will travel internationally or locally to discover new places.”

Her favorite book…

“My favorite book is "Into His Likeness: Be Transformed as a Disciple of Christ" by Edward Sri. As a Catholic woman, this book completely altered my view and approach to spirituality and religion. It connected me to the type of life I want to lead from my faith.”

A person she finds inspirational…

“My parents are my biggest inspiration. They exemplify honesty, loyalty, honor, love, faith, perseverance and fulfillment. Additionally, I participate with an organization called Landmark Worldwide which is a personal and professional growth and development company and everyone I engage with is out to transform huge conversations for peace, equity, justice, love, freedom, and more.”

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