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Angela Conde
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Angela Conde

Administrative Navigator

Angela is a Fresno City College alumni who transferred to California State University, Chico where she studied Social Science:Specialization Studies option with concentrations in Sociology and Multicultural & Gender Studies. During her time in undergrad she was able to explore her interests in the outdoors more through hiking & camping in different local, state and national parks of Northern California; and through joining Latinas In Action (LIA)- a student group interested in connecting Latinas & increasing their access to the outdoors- she was able to connect her passion for connecting her community to the outdoors with a partnership through the U.S. Forest Service and LIA as a Nature Educator for 4th graders promoting the Every Kid Outdoors pass. Angela has experience in college ministry leadership, activism and civic advocacy, community based non-profits and asset based community development. During her time in the 2019-2020 Pink House Urban ministry cohort, in Fresno, California, she got more connected and involved with the work that eventually led her to Hispanic Access Foundation. Her most recent and formative work was in Fresno where she worked as part of the network of community & faith based non-profit organizations throughout the city, working in collaboration with resident leaders and some churches to improve equity, resident-led leadership, education and overall quality of life in the city.


Why she works for Hispanic Access…

"I wanted to work for Hispanic Access because I feel that their values are aligned with the life I am working to build for myself and family, and the work and communities I have gotten a chance to be part of in the last 5 years. It is the opportunity to continue practicing our personal philosophy and realize that we can also apply it to all aspects of our life to ensure that we continue to create a better world for us all, in our little part of the world."


In her spare time…

“In my personal time I like to spend time with my 1 year old daughter and husband, going to parks or visiting family on different road trips, trying new food places, watching movies, dancing in the kitchen with my baby as well, and listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks."

Her favorite book…

“ My favorite book of all time that I read in my early 20s is "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coehlo but I love reading about different subjects like liberation theology, social studies (in general), mental and emotional health, and books on parenting and spirituality. One book I am currently reading from my local library is "Decolonizing Christianity: Becoming Badass Believers" by Miguel A. De La Torre, and I just started listening to the great Isabel Allende's book "La casa de los espiritus" on audible.”

A person she finds inspirational…

“I think I have always found people who are resilient and able to overcome their particular life's challenges as an inspiration. But when I get to know people and hear their stories from them, I find new inspiration. Having said that, when I got to interview my maternal grandmother as part of my senior project in undergrad and hear her immigration story as a mother of 17 children, 13 of which are still alive, I learned so much more about the women who raised me and the great strength of quiet perseverance and passion for wanting a better life for yourself and your family, and making it happen by any means necessary."

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