For over 10 years, Hispanic Access Foundation has connected Latinos to partners and opportunities, improving lives and creating an equitable society. We are a mission-driven, community-centered organization that works to bring equity and opportunity to all Latinos. We develop leaders, networks, and partners to champion a better America for all. How we do this work is what makes us unique. Hispanic Access Foundation builds bridges of access to and from our Latino communities, we develop leaders to move us from the sidelines to the frontlines, we elevate voices in all areas of life, maximize their collective voices to build a better America for all, and we cultivate trust-based relationships to fuel our mission-driven vision. Whether we’re helping Latinos build their financial literacy, explore workforce opportunities, or become environmental stewards, trust and a commitment to equity is at the core of everything we do. We currently have dynamic leadership and a strong founding board with reputable, connected, and high- performing members. We are now ready to scale up our organization and our board to a new level to serve our stakeholders.


We are looking for multiple individuals who want to help us build the next chapter of increased impact, growth, and sustainability for Hispanic Access Foundation.

An ideal Hispanic Access Foundation board member is driven by:

  • Dreams for a Bright Future
  • Empowerment That Fosters Equity
  • Untold Stories of Hidden Strength
  • Purpose in Our Community
  • Setting a Standard Worth Trusting

You are a...

  • Mission-driven individual with a passion for uplifting Latino communities.
  • Bridge-builder who can forge strong alliances and networks, grow partnerships, and cultivate influence.
  • Person who demonstrates a commitment by making the time to be fully engaged during and between meetings and events, contributing financial resources, and showing up for the organization, other members, and the cause.
  • Supporter of healthy communities, stewardship of the environment, and workforce and leadership development as critical elements of creating a bright and fulfilling future for Latinos across the U.S.

Previously experienced and effective as a board member, including:

  • Collaborative decision-maker and strategic thinker
  • Active participant with excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience with and connections to large leadership networks
  • Comfortable with ambiguity that accompanies organizational growth and transition

A good fit with the values and culture of Hispanic Access Foundation, including:

  • Trustworthy: integrity, honesty, respect, do what you say you will do.
  • Dedicated: Initiative, self-motivated, loyal, hardworking.
  • Service to Community: Mission-focused, committed to equity, teamwork, collaborative.
  • Versatile: Nimble, adapting, prioritizing, inquisitive, flexible.
  • HAF First: Prioritizes organization’s success and sustainability.
  • Excellence: High quality and standards, outstanding, never settles, always looking to improve.

A professional with one or more of the following backgrounds:

  • Business acumen
  • Entrepreneurial leadership
  • Philanthropy
  • Social enterprise leadership
  • Government and/or private partnerships
  • Human Resource leadership
  • Law expertise


An ideal Hispanic Access Foundation board member will…

  • Inform our strategic direction, oversee our financial health, and ensure that best practices in management and leadership are followed.
  • Commit to a multi-year term of representing the best interests of the organization, its staff, partners, and volunteers.
  • Be willing to help make connections to secure funds and ready to make a personally significant financial contribution.
  • Actively collaborate with current board members and cultivate new members.
  • Be willing to devote sufficient time to their duties and responsibilities, which include (among other duties):
    • attendance at 3 board meetings per year (2 virtual/1 in person)
    • attendance 1 annual event ○ be prepared to serve to the end of their 3-year term
    • serve as an informed and compelling ambassador to expand Hispanic Access Foundation’s influence and effectiveness with individuals, the public, and other organizations
  • Assume expenses for travel, lodging, and miscellaneous costs associated with events and meetings.


We would love to hear from you. While we primarily serve Hispanic communities, we are open to diversity in all its expressions. Our effectiveness is enhanced when equity and inclusiveness are practiced and protected throughout our organizational governance, culture, and staffing. Recruiting and retaining a diverse board is a priority at Hispanic Access Foundation.

Please visit this link to tell us about your experience and passion for this work. We’ll be taking nominations until October 22 (feel free to self-nominate). We’ll acknowledge receipt of all submissions and reach back out by October 29 for more information to those who appear to be the best fit for advancement in the process. Offers will be extended by November 15, and a board retreat and training will be conducted in January 2022.




Potrero Group is honored to coordinate board member recruitment on behalf of Hispanic Access Foundation. Potrero Group supports innovative leaders and organizations making a difference in the world by providing rigorous strategy and business planning, organizational effectiveness, and nuanced search services to mission- driven organizations. To join our mailing list and be notified of future opportunities, please visit

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Hispanic Access Foundation connects Latinos and others with partners and opportunities to improve lives and create an equitable society.

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