For many years, Hispanic Access has worked to help Latinos improve their financial literacy to better their future in the United States. We work to connect hard to reach Latino communities with financial resources.

“Prepare Yourself for a Better Future” Project with Thrivent Financial Services

In 2023, Hispanic Access Foundation is partnering with Thrivent Financial Services to provide financial and investment training to Spanish-speaking Latinos at four sites served by Latino churches in California. The half-day trainings will cover basic financial literacy and will provide tools and resources to help participants make wise choices about their finances. As a follow up to attending the trainings, participants will be eligible to receive free financial advice from Thrivent. Over the course of this year-long project, we intend to reach approximately 750 Latino adults to improve their financial literacy.

The original “Prepare Yourself for a Better Future” with H&R Block

Hispanic Access’s program, Prepare Yourself for a Better Future (Prepárate para un Futuro Mejor) sponsored by our partner H&R Block, educated broad swaths of the Spanish-speaking workforce. Our outreach efforts focused on 18 major markets, including New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Boston, and Miami. Hispanic Access coordinated with religious leaders to provide free tax workshops at numerous churches throughout the targeted communities. Bilingual H&R Block Tax Professionals provided free education, problem-solving, and services at these events. We increased Latinos’ knowledge of the key elements that are critical to understand and consider when filing a tax return – including the benefits of establishing an accurate tax history in the U.S. for immigration purposes and how a tax return is an important tool when building a financial history and assets. The program rallied 865 partners: Hispanic churches, community organizations, schools, pro-bono immigration lawyers, health promoters, and H&R Block bilingual tax professionals. Final outcomes resulted in more than 450,000 people reached through pulpit communications, 1,149 community workshops, 113 faith and community leader events, 57,223 people served in the workshops, over 25,000 radio PSAs broadcasts with more than 1 billion impressions, over 5,600 news articles placed with more than 387 million impressions, and more than 1,300 calls to a project information and referral helpline, and 235,000 website visits.

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