12 December 2020

Finding pride in a virtual world

Written by: Asia Pfiefer

Every day I rise to complete the same routine. I press snooze on my alarm at 5:48 AM, 5:57 AM, and then finally rise at 6:06 AM. It takes about ten minutes for me to wash the sleep off of me and then I dive into my thirty minute yoga practice. Then, I prepare my coffee, feed my dog, we practice tricks, go outside to complete his morning routine, and by 7:30 AM I take my seat in front of the computer screen. The sun rises and sets, and all the while, I stay in front of the screen.


Everyday, for eight hours, I work on a computer to complete my work. Honestly, this is my hell. Forty hours each week, I stare at screens feeling the muscles in my eyes, my back my hips, weakening. Leaves fall and dance outside my window. I hear children playing outside. Yet I dig my sit bones into my seat, lengthen my neck, drink water, and concentrate on the task at hand. My life is not glamorous.

Still I hold my head high.

The lands and special uses program is integral to protecting our shared American inheritance. Public lands are owned by the people, for the people. With every assignment, I work with my mentors to find a balance between resource development and protecting our wild places for the people.

Even though I do not get to be immersed in the community and all of my work is completed virtually, I take pride in my contributions to protect our history, wildlife habitats, and natural beauty. I am so grateful for this opportunity to continue fueling my passions to care the land and serve the people.

Agency: U.S Forest Service

Program: Resource Assistant Program (RAP)

Location: Leadville Ranger District

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