01 October 2021

Officially Certified

Written by: Ruby Gonzalez

These last few weeks seem to have zoomed past me. September specifically went by way faster than anticipated. September was the big month I was looking forwards to as it was the month, I left California to start my trek to the San Juan Islands in Washington. I spent a week sailing around the San Juan Islands and learning how to deal with minor to life threatening medical emergencies. This 80-hour extensive course is necessary for my Wildland First Responder Certification. I have been eyeing this certification for about a year now but could never afford it both financially and time wise. Thanks to the Hispanic Access Foundation, they were able to fund my trip and allow me time get certified. I was over the moon, the experience itself is remarkable. I feel very confident in my abilities to identify medical emergencies and treat them until more advanced medical help can takeover. This certification is necessary for many backcountry careers such as rangers and trail guides, which is something of interest for me.

I am truly grateful for this opportunity and cannot thank my program enough!

Agency: U.S Forest Service

Program: Resource Assistant Program (RAP)

Location: Sequoia National Forest

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