07 March 2022

All Things Considered

Written by: David Castro

In my time with the National Park Service – Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance program (NPS-RTCA), my assignments ran the gamut from articles in newsletters to social media posts on Facebook and Twitter. By the way, please follow NPS-RTCA on Facebook ( and Twitter ( if you have not already!

I interviewed staff nationwide to write great content, gaining knowledge of how my office leaves a lasting legacy in conservation and outdoor recreation efforts in various communities. Additionally, the infectious enthusiasm of employees was evident in virtual meetings, exciting me even more to ensure that I could engage people in their natural surroundings through my publications. Traveling to project sites, like my recent business trip to Alaska, further affirmed that the mission of my office truly transforms places for the better.

Due to the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the vast majority of my fellowship was remote. Still, I am confident that the experience was just as rewarding as if it had been in person. The fact that it was my first full-time remote position allowed me to become proficient to the same extent in working from home as I am in working from a traditional cubicle. It enhanced my ability to perform virtually beyond my previous level of familiarity of part-time remote internships during college semesters, and later a full-time job where I was in close physical proximity to colleagues other than occasional Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings.

It feels like I started my NPS-RTCA fellowship just yesterday, but the reality is that I am saying goodbye nearly a year later. I cherish the time that I spent with my coworkers and the National Park Service at large. My infinite gratitude goes to my supervisors Stephan, Suzanne, Evelyn, and Zach for their guidance and leadership. As a fellow myself, I would also like to give a special shout-out to the other fellows who I was fortunate to operate with on the communications team, including Elijah, Alisson, Will, Mia, and Vanessa. To Hispanic Access Foundation—thank you for making the job possible and for everything that you do!

I owe a lot of my enthusiasm for environmental stewardship to my NPS-RTCA job. Before I go, my final note of appreciation is for you, the audience. It has been a joy for me to have you read about my journey!

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Contemplating my accomplishments and adventures as a Communications Fellow.

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Agency: National Park Service

Program: Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Program (COR)

Location: Rivers, Trails Conservation Assistance Program - DC Field Office

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