26 April 2022

Working from Home

Written by: Daniela Kenny

Before the pandemic, I barely knew anyone that worked from home or had worked from home in the past. In my mind working from home was rare and was specific to certain jobs. Then the pandemic came, and shook up the whole world (including my perspective of working from home). For a year and a half, I watched most of friends and family convert to some level of working from home, and in September of 2021 I started my first work from home job. That job was being a resource assistant for the Forest Service, in partnership with Hispanic Access Foundation. I’ve been working from home for almost seven months now and with it came the good and the bad.

Working from home has its pros and cons. Pros being able to eat homecooked meals, do short errands around the house, not having to commute etc. Cons could be not being able to talk and work with others face to face, feeling cooped up in your house, or feeling isolated, etc. I’ve experienced both the positive and negative things while in this position.

This position was my first experience working from home and also working an “office’ job. I was not accustomed to sitting down all day, staring at a computer. At first, it was difficult staying focused or getting comfortable sitting for long periods of time. My back would hurt, and I wasn’t being as productive. Then I found out that the Forest Service gives their employees 3 wellness hours a week, and my supervisor encouraged me to use those. I started standing up more throughout the workday and stretching. Also, before lunch every day, I do a short workout or yoga practice to get my body moving. This slow process of starting to move my body more has significantly helped me feel better and stay focused. Now, I have a great work routine and am really enjoying my work from home situation. I encourage everyone that’s working from home to switch up their routine and try adding in stretching, exercise, listening to light music, take short walk or whatever else helps them feel good and stay motivated.

Although I hope for more field work in my future jobs, working from home has helped me learn how to find balance personally and professionally. I feel very grateful to Hispanic Access Foundation for this opportunity as it has helped me grow immensely in so many ways.

Agency: U.S Forest Service

Program: Resource Assistant Program (RAP)

Location: Tonto National Forest

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