02 October 2023

"Fire with Fire"

Written by: Josiah Martinez

Saludos one last time friends! Summer has come to a quiet end here in southern Colorado, bringing with it the famous golden and orange hues that paint the mountainsides. This change is very cathartic as my internship time with MANO is also ending this month. This will be my final blog post, and I must say, it feels like yesterday I made my introductory post. 

My time at the Pueblo interagency Dispatch Center was an 8 month period of ebbing and flowing periods of action, as fire behavior is seasonable and unpredictable. Regardless, I gleaned much more than I could have ever imagined from this internship. Not only did I secure a permanent position, but I also had the ability to network, explore the USFS Fire Network in Colorado, as well as obtaining several official NWCG certifications relating to wild fire dispatch. 

Beyond professional development, I have also felt considerable personal growth. Finding a career in the actual field I pursued in college was a welcome experience. However, I find the thing that sticks with me most coming out of this is the self-confidence I have developed. There were numerous difficult and stressful tests that I faced as a dispatcher including, Lightning busts, Complex fire operations, resource management, and of course frequent communication. Imposter Syndrome is a very real challenge many of us face, myself included. I entered this internship very anxious if I could manage the stress that comes with emergency operations, but looking back now I can proudly say I have a newfound confidence and satisfaction in myself. 

Most of all, I am grateful for the opportunity presented by MANO and their adamant mission to fight for Hispanic diversity and access within the workplace. I am honored to have been a part the of mission to bring attention to Latino diversity in the workplace while also receiving life changing career development.

I appreciate everyone who was hear to read my story and see my growth into a confident dispatcher. Thank you all.

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