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22 April 2015

WVNS-TV: Noah's Ark Rafting Partners with Hispanic Access Foundation on Browns Canyon Youth Adventures

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Noah’s Ark Whitewater Rafting and Adventure Company partnered with Hispanic Access Foundation to introduce forty urban Hispanic youth to newly designated Browns Canyon National Monument in a multi-day educational program. This adventure experience included a day of whitewater rafting down Browns Canyon—the number one rafted stretch of water on the Arkansas River—and a morning playing on the Noah’s Ark Browns Canyon Adventure Park, one of Colorado’s largest aerial adventure parks.

A representative from Friends of Browns Canyon taught the students about the canyon’s history, ecology, and the effort that went into making Browns Canyon a national monument.

Hispanic Access Foundation traveled to Browns Canyon as a part of Latino Conservation Action Week, during which participants get to play in, learn about, and advocate for the resources in their own backyards.

“We came to explore and learn even more about this beautiful place,” said Jennifer Brandt, Community Outreach Manager at HAF, “We also came to stir up a sense of advocacy in our youth to make Browns Canyon a national monument.”

Through whitewater rafting with Noah’s Ark, these Denver students had a unique opportunity to engage adventure outside their usual surroundings and comfort zones. The Browns Canyon Adventure Park also challenged the group as they conquered fear on elements such as the “Big Drop Swing” and the “Leap of Faith.” Brandt saw her students encouraging one another and growing in personal confidence. “The course allows the students the chance to believe not just in each other, but in themselves as well,” she said.

Hispanic Access Foundation’s experience at Noah’s Ark provided urban students a rare opportunity to experience the outdoors and learn about their ability to advocate for conservation. Through outdoor engagement, Brandt said, “We are building on the values inherent to Hispanic communities.”

About Hispanic Access Foundation 
Hispanic Access Foundation is a nation-wide nonprofit that provides opportunities for Latinos to come together towards responsible citizenship, community engagement, and education. Latino Conservation Action week is an initiative designed to promote the enjoyment and preservation of the outdoors within Latino communities.

About Noah’s Ark 
Noah’s Ark Whitewater Rafting and Adventure Company is one of Colorado’s largest and most experienced whitewater rafting and adventure companies. Noah’s Ark specializes in multi-day backpacking, rock-climbing, and rafting trips that provide unique opportunities for experiential learning in the outdoors for youth, families, and individuals. Noah’s Ark also operates Browns Canyon Adventure Park, an aerial challenge course incorporating over 66 elements, obstacles, and zip-lines.

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