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11 May 2023

AP NEWS: Liquid I.V. Hosts Inaugural Confluence Gathering to Foster Collaboration in Water Security and Access

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Healthy hydration leader Liquid I.V. hosted its inaugural Confluence gathering this past weekend, uniting 10 trailblazing organizations committed to advancing clean water security in communities. This immersive and experiential event was designed to foster new partnerships and drive innovation in water security solutions.

Confluence is Liquid I.V.’s signature program, dedicated to supporting the most engaged leaders in the field of water security and water access. The initiative aims to cross-pollinate organizations to create effective and innovative solutions to spark collaboration and provide catalytic funding. The program meticulously selected 10 diverse organizations to become participants, offering financial support for their water access and protection projects, and inviting them to the intimate gathering where they can collaborate with their peers on addressing national water challenges.

“Liquid I.V. is founded on the principle of helping everyone live better, healthier lives. Confluence is an aspect of our signature program. Essentially, the word confluence relates to the merging of two bodies of water. And so, the power of collaboration is the mindset behind Confluence,” said Sean Lavin, Liquid I.V.’s Vice President of Impact. “Experts in these community-led organizations rarely have the opportunity to share some of the output or the experiences they have. Confluence is like a think tank. It’s to enable all these experts from these organizations to empower them, collaborate and share, not just resources, but information to solve some of the bigger problems around clean waterways and healthy drinking water.”

The 10 organizations that participated were a mix of changemakers focused on policy, environment, access, equity, and infrastructure with a passion for storytelling, partnerships, and innovation. Attendees included the US Water Alliance , Pacific Institute, Waterkeeper Alliance, DigDeep, The Center for Water Security and Cooperation, We the People, Hispanic Access Foundation, Moonshot Missions, Community Water Center, and Heal the Bay.

Confluence 2023 included an in-person event coupled with grant funding for each participating organization. By selecting a cohort of US-based organizations to each receive $50K grants, Liquid I.V. created the container necessary for successful collaboration, with the primary focus on water issues facing U.S. communities, from outdated water infrastructure and legal protections to historic droughts and climate change mitigation.

The event provided Liquid I.V. and attending organization leaders a place to understand the challenges being faced amid water-related issues in US communities, while collaborating and directing efforts to end water insecurity, placing focus on funding and appropriate support.

“We recognize that we’re new to this community. We’re humbled by the decades of research, advocacy, and direct impact these organizations have dedicated to ensuring all humans have access to clean and safe water.

In designing this program, we wanted to figure out the best way we could add value to this movement, and our lean on our unique strengths and accountability as a private company in this work. We were thrilled to host such a dedicated, innovative group who shares a passion for clean water access,” said Mike Keech, Liquid I.V. CEO. “This is the first Confluence of many and a great opportunity to strengthen relationships. We’re excited for how this event and partnerships will evolve.”

Liquid I.V.‘s approach to expanding water security is driven by the values of community empowerment, innovation, and equity to create long-lasting, sustainable impact. The Confluence program marks an inflection point for Liquid I.V.‘s expanding impact work, which is supported and funded by Liquid I.V.’s profits, and therefore, its consumers.

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