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20 July 2016

ENTRAVISION: We must preserve our ecological treasures and ensure future generations can discover and enjoy their magnificence.

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By Senator Harry Reid

Nevada is known for its rich natural heritage. From Lake Tahoe, our treasured Jewel of the Sierras, to the mountains and high deserts of the east; the seas of sagebrush of the north to the red rock canyons of the south, Nevada is as beautiful as it is unique. Millions of Americans and visitors from all around the world come to Nevada to hike our mountain ranges, hunt and fish, and enjoy our stunning wild landscapes.

I can’t think of a more perfect and peaceful place than the Nevada wilderness. I still remember how as a little boy growing up in Nevada, I would spend countless hours enjoying its picturesque landscapes and vast array of exotic wild life.  These experiences fueled my determination to preserve our ecological treasures and ensure future generations can discover and enjoy their magnificence.

Over the past thirty years I have worked vigorously to protect areas that represent Nevada’s stark beauty, culture and history. I have led efforts to: protect millions of acres of public lands for future
generations; make our state a leader in renewable energy and close the toxic Reid-Gardner coal plant; protect and restore Pyramid Lake and Lake Tahoe; and conserve our state’s limited water supplies. I have also secured hundreds of millions of dollars of investments in clean energy, and for restoration and conservation projects in the Silver State.

Last year, I was honored to work with President Obama on his designation of Basin and Range National Monument in eastern Nevada. And while there is no guarantee that we will get this done, I have asked the President to build on the successful protection of the Basin and Range National Monument and use the Antiquities Act to preserve one of the most incredible, at risk places in our state: Gold Butte.

As Nevadans, it is our duty to protect the environment for future generations, and there is no better time to start than during Latino Conservation Week. We can do so by making simple changes in our daily lives – by recycling and saving electricity and protecting special outdoor places – but also, by demanding that our leaders in Congress take action against climate change.

I hope Latinos and all Nevadans will join me in my life-long effort to actively support commonsense policies that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, promote clean energy choices, and protect our beautiful lands. We owe it to our children and grandchildren.


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