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05 March 2021

HLN Member Hosts Financial Training for New Pastors in Texas

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A high percentage of Latino pastors in the United States don’t receive a ton of training or preparation when it comes to their ministry. Pastor Fabio Sosa, Hispanic Leadership Network member and a leader in the Reformed Church in Texas, is taking a step to change that by providing financial training to new pastors in Texas. 

This past Fall, Pastor Sosa was one of the HLN pastors who received financial administration training from Thrivent Financial. During the session, HLN members were shown the importance of financial education and provided with tools and resources to become a better manager of their financial resources. They learned how to increase their income, reduce expenses, recognize money leaks and the power of compound interest. 

“The training helped me better understand financial resources and how to use those resources to my advantage in terms of saving, investing, and managing and administering my family's finances,” said Pastor Sosa. 

After the financial session, Pastor Sosa was inspired to host his own financial training with Thrivent for his community. This winter, he invited a group of pastors he oversees in Texas to receive the same training. 

“I wanted to share this newfound knowledge with my community and network of leaders because I believe it can really make a difference in the life of a person, a leader, or a Pastor,” said Pastor Sosa. “I think it can have an impact on any leader who has the humility to learn, receive and apply these concepts to improve themselves and learn more about having and managing better your finances.”

Since joining HLN, Pastor Sosa has received and participated in numerous vital trainings and workshops, such as crisis response training, mental health and personal well-being, financial education and civic engagement.

“I am very moved by all the work that HLN does in the context of Hispanic Ministry in the United States,” said Pastor Sosa. “ These training sessions provided by HLN are very relevant for pastors and leaders. I believe that any Pastor who takes advantage of the program will have a before and after in his ministry.” 

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