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01 December 2021

Hispanic Access Foundation Announces New Digital Communications Associate

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Hispanic Access Foundation is pleased to announce Evelyn Arredondo Ramirez will serve as a digital communications associate. In her role, she will support the communications team in managing all social media channels, graphic design, video production and website management.

“I’m excited to not only continue working with Hispanic Access Foundation, but now with the communications team where I will use my previous internship experience to help with the organization’s mission of connecting Latino/a leaders to resources and opportunities nationwide,” said Ramirez.

Ramirez has been with the organization since 2018, first working as a Latino Heritage Internship Program intern at the National Parks of Boston. In 2019, Ramirez was hired as a Programs Assistant, working alongside the MANO Project to connect, build and develop thoughtful Latino leaders. She also serves as the team lead of Hispanic Access’ Our DREAMS Scholarship program, a scholarship program for undocumented youth.

“Since 2018, Evelyn has shown an extreme dedication and passion towards serving the Latino community,” said Maite Arce, president and CEO of Hispanic Access. “I’m excited to see her excel in her new role, grow in the communications field and continue pursuing her passion.”

Ramirez graduated from The George Washington University with a Bachelor’s in American Studies, where she was selected to be a part of the inaugural Cisneros Scholars cohort at the Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute. The institute ignited her passion for serving the Latino community and Ramirez looked to intern for different nonprofits where she discovered the lack of diversity within the workplace, even more so for young Latina professionals. As an advocate for social justice, Ramirez served as a 2017-2018 Trabajadoras Senior Fellow under the Labor Council for the Latin American Advancement, and as a 2018 Young People For Fellow. Ramirez is passionate about advocating for Latina wage equity, empowerment of young Latinas and providing access to resources for underserved communities.

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