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08 August 2022

Hispanic Access Foundation Announces New Board Chair

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Hispanic Access Foundation is pleased to announce the election of its new Board Chair, Mar Muñoz-Visoso. Muñoz-Visoso has been a long-standing member of our Board of Directors and has a strong passion for the organization’s mission of paving the way for Latinos to gain access to the opportunities and resources that bring fullness of life–a healthy environment, employment, health, etc.

“Mar’s dedication to helping her Latino community through her personal and professional career experiences has been essential in her role as a board member and in supporting the organization’s missions,” said Maite Arce, President and CEO of Hispanic Access Foundation. “She brings years of leadership experience and career in communications and ministry that continues to positively impact intercultural communities.”

Muñoz-Visoso began her career as a journalist in Denver, Colorado, supporting the local archdiocese with the Spanish language section of the catholic diocesan newspaper. At the time, the church was trying to reach Latino communities, so Muñoz-Visoso founded El Pueblo Católico: A Spanish-language newspaper that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Now, she currently serves as the Executive Director of the Secretariat for Cultural Diversity at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington, D.C.

“Hispanic Access Foundation has reached a new level where it's not just about providing service— they are helping build Latino leaders that are becoming a part of a network looking to serve others,” said Muñoz-Visoso. “I’m honored to serve as the new Board Chair and I look forward to seeing the organization grow as an inclusive leading organization for communities of color.”

Muñoz-Visoso serves alongside board members Daniel Cali, John Carreon, Crystal Diaz De Villegas, Janelle Hartley, Velma Montoya, Paula Neira, Marta E. Sanchez, Ph.D., Keila Vicarra, and Jill Wheeler.

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