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09 November 2012

Hispanic Access Foundation is announcing the winners of the New York New Futuro Laptop Photo Contest!

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Hispanic Access Foundation is announcing the winners of the New York New Futuro Laptop Photo Contest! In New York there was a tie in the number of the most likes, with both contestants getting more than 1,200 likes each.  We are announcing Karol Emely Rodriguez as the first winner; the other winner's profile will be posted soon. A little about Karol: her mom is Peruvian and dad is Dominican. 

She lives in Washington Heights.  She’s currently a senior at Manhattan Hunter Science High School. The school is partnered with Hunter College, and allows seniors to take all of their classes at Hunter College, gaining college credit, so that's what she is doing now.  She’s applying to several schools; the University of New Haven, Syracuse University, Penn State, and various CUNY schools including Hunter College.  She wants to study forensic science and be a medical examiner. Her mom found out about the New Futuro event and they registered online.  When we asked her who she wanted to thank, she said every person who gave her a like, but especially her mom.  She said “I just want to make her proud and have her see me graduate from college with a degree. I want to succeed, for her.” Hispanic Access Foundation will be giving away 1 more laptop, at the following event: New Futuro Chicago- Navy Pier Exhibition Hall – November 10,2012 You must be in attendance to be eligible to win a laptop. Why is Hispanic Access Foundation participating in the New Futuro college prep fairs?  Hispanic Access Foundation knows that for families a college education is very important but that Hispanics are still not graduating from college at the rates this country needs for its economic future and prosperity. How else is Hispanic Access Foundation participating?

  • Executive Director Maite Arce is serving as an expert panelist on a televised Spanish-language discussion with parents and students regarding meaningful access to college
  • HAF Board Member, Marta Sanchez and HAF team member Liz Neuenschwander are giving presentations to parents and students titled, “Family Involvement in Education” and “Pathway to College.”
  • H&R Block is sponsoring Hispanic Access’ involvement in the New Futuro events, so to find us follow the signs for the H&R Block booths and workshops.

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