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10 October 2023

Our Heritage, Our Planet Film Week Kicks Off from Oct 10-13 Films Will Highlight the Intersection of People of Color, Culture and the Environment

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Today, Hispanic Access Foundation kicked off the third annual Our Heritage, Our Planet Film Week, an annual celebration of the visual and storytelling traditions of Latino, Black, Indigenous, and people of color's voices and experiences in connection to our heritage and our planet - uplifting the nexus between our communities and the lands, nature, waterways, and oceans we all call home. It will be held in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, following Indigenous People’s Day from Tuesday, October 10 to Friday, October 13, 2023, from 4-8:30 p.m. ET with FREE tickets available at

“More than 200 Black, Indigenous, Latino and other people of color submitted their films to the first-ever Our Heritage, Our Planet Film Week,” said Maite Arce, president and CEO of Hispanic Access Foundation. “Not only are these films the life's work and artistry of these amazing film makers, but these films represent stories that need to be known and shared worldwide. Through our film festival, we want to elevate their stories, culture and heritage, but we also want to start a dialogue between communities and decision-makers around the importance of engaging in climate action and policy.”

We work to intentionally create and curate a space for storytelling, dialog, learning, advocacy, and relationship building. One that brings together diverse audiences to celebrate their work, while uplifting the common threads of our experiences. We seek to create a space that can provide additional opportunities for funding, employment, education, and exposure for aspiring filmmakers of color. This year, we also awarded five mini-grants to BIPOC filmmakers for projects that will be screened at the festival.

“"Being an OHOP grantee recipient has helped me finish "Criaturas," a film I've been excited to share,” said Paula Love, OHOP grantee. “This grant also opened the doors in creating community with other filmmakers and exploring different parts of the country with its resources and support."

“I have participated in OHOP in the past out of curiosity to see the films and really enjoyed it, many were so inspirational,” said Fabiola Torres, OHOP grantee. “It is very exciting to be participating this year as a OHOP grantee with a film that focuses on the importance of accessibility in outdoor programs in Puerto Rico.”

"Where else could I have gone to garner financial support for a film on a tradition like La Matanza?” said Gregg Flores, OHOP grantee. “Hispanic Access Foundation is providing opportunities for Hispanic filmmakers that do not exist anywhere else. I am proud to partner with Hispanic Access and tell stories that keep my cultura and herencia alive."

The festival will be 100 percent virtual, free to attend for all, and will feature interactive discussions between artists, communities, and decision-makers on environmental topics. We will be showing a variety of short and feature films relating to the themes of Lands and Nature, Ocean and Waterways, Environmental Justice, and Climate Crisis. Below is the schedule for Our Heritage, Our Planet Film Week:

Tuesday, October 10 - Lands & Nature Day: Cultural, religious, and ancestral connections to nature and the land; adventure stories; ecosystems and biodiversity on land; parks and protected areas on land; nature-based solutions; land-based natural resources; urban nature; traditional land management knowledge and practices; restorative agriculture; etc.
4:00 pm - Welcome + Introduction to Our Heritage, Our Planet Film Week 2023
4:30 pm - Film Premieres:

  • Balam
  • Dulce
  • Wholistic Conversations on Liver Wellness
  • Amandiya, Overcoming Indifference Can Save the World!

5:35 pm - Intro to the Indigenous Speaker Series
5:55 pm - Film Premiere: Waniyetu Wowapi - Winter Count
6:30 pm - Por La Creación Public Lands Panel Discussion
7:25 pm - Feature Film Premiere: Cosmovisions
8:20 pm - Keynote Speaker - Richard Montañez
8:35 pm - Closing Remarks

Wednesday, October 11 - Ocean and Waterways Day: Stories of climate hazards such as flooding, sea level rise, wildfires, hurricanes, extreme heat, or drought; climate risks to people, ecosystems, and biodiversity; climate solutions; urban sustainability; threats from fossil fuels and greenhouse gases; threats from plastics; climate governance; etc.
4:00 pm - Welcome & Schedule of the Day
4:10 pm - Film Premieres Block 1:

  • BWater
  • Garbage Island
  • The Round Lake
  • Coral Reef Restoration

4:45 pm - Agua Corriente: Waterways Report Release discussion
5:35pm - Film Premieres Block 2:

  • The Way You Sea Me
  • Kadal
  • Wading For Change
  • Machi (Fish)
  • Tiny

6:40 pm - Indigenous Allyship Chat: Jill Sherman and Duane Sherman
7:25 pm - Feature Film Premiere: PLASTICSPHERE
8:30 pm - Closing remarks

Thursday, October 12 - Environmental Justice Day: Connections between pollutants and health; nature and health; correcting historic injustices; ties between racial justice, civil rights, social rights, and environmental and climate justice; just food systems; just transition; just recovery from the pandemic; etc.
4:00pm - Welcome & Schedule of the day
4:10pm - Film Premieres Block 1:

  • New Beginnings
  • In the can
  • The Gooseberry Grandmother's Daughter
  • La Curandera Cumbiambera

5:30pm - Feature Film Premiere: Polinizadorxs
7:00pm - Indigenous Allyship Chat: Ashley Hemmers
8:00 pm - Closing Remarks + Exclusive Trailer Previews

Friday, October 13 - Climate Crisis Day: Cultural, religious, and ancestral connections to waterways and the ocean; ocean and water governance; water protectors; water and marine ecosystems and biodiversity; freshwater conservation; ocean and freshwater natural resources; water adventures; etc.

4:00pm - Welcome + Indigenous Allyship Chat: Violet Sage Walker
4:15pm - Film Premieres:

  • HOPE
  • The Climate Gentrification Crisis
  • Yoga Warming
  • The Speech of Txai Surui
  • Drops of dew
  • The Solo Eclipse

5:00pm - Building Stories Together: How We Got Here and Where We’re Going
6:30pm - 2023 OHOP Grantee Film Premieres:

  • The Shade Black
  • Criaturitas
  • El Medio Ambiente Desde Mis Ojos
  • Yola
  • La Mantanza Teaser

7:20pm - Feature Film Premiere: Sons of the Ice
8:10pm - Closing Ceremony + Awards

Please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or visit to learn more about the film week.

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