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16 July 2019

In memory of Dr. Jesse Miranda

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We all have special people in our lives – those who are friends and mentors. One of mine passed away July 12th. He is Dr. Jesse Miranda. It’s with reflection and joy that I write this statement on behalf of Hispanic Access Foundation because Dr. Miranda was an influencer in my life, and therefore, he had an impact on HAF.

Dr. Miranda was a Christian leader, born in Chama, New Mexico, and a scholar who lived an extraordinary life with purpose. He planted many seeds of empowerment and motivation in the lives of so many of people of different backgrounds, including me. He demonstrated how we all, regardless of our background, need to reach out to one another with love and respect and support one another’s rise to leadership. He said, you are not a leader until you develop a leader who then develops other leaders.

Dr. Miranda and I often spoke about the importance of environmental conservation– he deeply believed in the importance of our responsibilities as stewards of our natural resources and how to be successful in creating a space for us all to work together. Dr. Miranda cared deeply in advancing the education of our Latino community because he believed it would lift us up to a new level of opportunity and freedom.

To his family, we send love, gratitude, and healing. To his friends and mentees (a very big list), we send love and healing. We will honor Dr. Jesse Miranda’s memory. I am thankful that he believed in us as an organization from the time of our founding, me as a leader, and our mission — one to which he generously gave his time. Wishing you love, healing, and happiness.

Best regards,

Maite Arce

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