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18 September 2019

EPA’s Repeal of Water Rule Endangers Health of Communities

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Yesterday, the Environmental Protection Agency finalized the repeal of the 2015 Waters of the United States rule, which expanded the types of waterways that can receive federal protections under the Clean Water Act.

Maite Arce, president and CEO of Hispanic Access Foundation, issued the following statement in response to the repeal:
“Water is the lifeblood of our environment and as demands grow we need to be vigilant in protecting against pollution and keeping our ecosystems intact. Our river systems are an integral part of our Latino heritage and way of life. It's our moral obligation to conserve the landscape, rivers, wildlife and natural historical places for future generations.
“Clean water is essential for everyone, but Latinos face disproportionate health hazards largely due to poor environmental health and lack of access to crucial services. Greater protections for our nation’s water systems, like those under the clean water rule, help address some of the larger health issues that affect our community as a whole.
“The repeal of the water rule not only weakens the protection of our nation’s streams and wetlands, but it also fails our responsibility as stewards and thus risks the health of our families and communities.”
Since its founding in 2010, HAF has nurtured the Latino community’s strong connection to the natural environment by designing programs for Latino families and youth to engage in outdoor experiences, including camping, whitewater rafting, and hiking in National Parks and areas under consideration for National Monument designation. HAF shepherded the groundbreaking formation of Por La Creación Faith-Based Alliance, a coalition of Latino faith leaders dedicated to developing stewards of God’s creation by engaging and educating this generation to leave a legacy for the future.

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