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02 June 2023

Protecting Our Ocean: Toolkit for Achieving Federal Ocean and Coastal Protections

Publishers: Hispanic Access Foundation
Author: Hispanic Access Foundation
Topics: Advocacy, Climate Change, Conservation, Public Lands Protection, Public Opinion, Voting
Geographic Focus: National

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To help achieve marine and coastal resilience, ecosystem health, sustainable economies, and inclusive and accurate narratives of coastal communities, this toolkit provides an overview of some major federal designations of lands and waters in the U.S. and its territories that can help protect the environmental, cultural, and economic resources within and around them. Latino communities and allies can advocate for these designations in a culturally relevant and accessible way.

Within the U.S., marine and coastal areas are central to many Latino communities who live near, rely on, are impacted by, and connected to, the ocean. These areas play vital roles in Latino jobs, health, culture, history, and spirituality. Therefore, they are deeply connected to our stories, provide a place for families and friends to connect and relax, offer ample opportunities to create memories with loved ones, provide food and medicine, and are economic drivers across mainland U.S. and U.S. territories. Furthermore, the coral reefs and mangrove forests protect us from storms, while coastal wetlands filter our waters.

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