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12 April 2022

Dr. Rev. Maricarmen Laureano: Forming a Friendship with God to Edify Others

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Emerge: Escuelas para la Vida y Salud Integral is a non-profit organization that was born out of a dream. Dr. and Rev. Maricarmen Laureano founded Emerge with her husband Billy Jusino to empower communities and improve their quality of life through comprehensive restoration and faith-based education.

“The lord told me my purpose in life was to transmit wisdom so that people could improve their existence,” said Dr. Laureano. “My passion is to edify women.”

Dr. Laureano’s Christian values are at the core of the organization. During her childhood years, she grew up in a humble home in Puerto Rico. She remembers the struggles her parents had to endure to survive economically. At a young age, her father became ill, and her mother had to start searching for opportunities that would allow her to care for her family.

“My mom started offering housekeeping services so we could survive,” said Dr. Laureano. “She taught me to never give up, and to look for opportunities even where it seems there might be none.”

The examples instilled by her mother shaped Dr. Laureano’s leadership as a follower of God. Even though her parents were not involved with the church, Dr. Laureano had a lot of questions about spirituality and God’s presence in her life. Her life changed when she accepted God into her life and began putting him at the center of everything. Laureano's close relationship with God removed her from a life-threatening relationship, healed her heart, and encouraged her to establish Escuela para la Mujer: Celebremos la Vida. This program was created to give women the necessary tools to strengthen their self-esteem, develop greater autonomy, and fulfill their life purpose.

Through Hispanic Theological Association (Asociación Teológica Hispana), Dr. Laureano learned about the Hispanic Leadership Network: A Hispanic Access Foundation program that mentors Latino pastors to serve Latino congregations. Dr. Laureano participated in an annual retreat that left her feeling refreshed and inspired.

“Hispanic Access is like a rocking chair because they lulled me and gave me that support that I needed,” said Dr. Laureano. “What's beautiful is that we get the opportunity to be in the company of other colleagues and learn from them. We become friends, and we build a family through these services.”

The teachings and skills acquired through Hispanic Leadership Network have helped Dr. Laureano plan events of her own, and in collaboration with Hispanic Access Foundation. On February 19, 2022, she organized, “La Vida Continua,” an event focused on teaching women the importance of self-care.

“When people participate in our programs, they return to their homes full of joy, and revitalized.”

Laureano's integral and holistic approach to personal and spiritual development has helped Latinos improve their relationship with themselves and their family to serve the Lord in their communities and in the church.

Hispanic Access is inspiring, training, and supporting local leaders like Dr. Rev. Maricarmen Laureano, who have a stake in their community and have the drive for positive change. To help support and continue this work, please consider making a Charitable Donation

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