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27 September 2023

Luis Vidal: A Forest Conservationist with a Passion for Mentorship and Innovation

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In the world of forestry and conservation, there are individuals whose dedication and passion guide them toward making a significant impact on our environment. One such individual is Luis Vidal, the Northern California Reforestation Manager for American Forests.

“There’s a significant rise and increase over the last five years in wildfires burning into forest lands of California and across the western United States. One of the many ways that the wildfire crisis is happening in the western US and acutely in California, is through reforestation.”

Luis Vidal’s path into the world of forestry is an intriguing one. Born in Lima, Peru, he spent his early years in the pristine landscapes of northern Utah. His mother’s deep connection to nature and the vibrant Latino community around him nurtured his curiosity and appreciation for the environment.

After earning a degree in geology from the University of Utah, he embarked on his career with the Forest Service. However, it was not long before his trajectory shifted toward forestry. He attributes this transition to two influential mentors, Antonio Duenas and Miguel Marquez. Antonio, a Forest Service Hydrologist, laid the groundwork for Luis’ journey into forestry, despite his initial background in geology. Miguel, during an internship at Hot Springs National Park, exposed Luis to the intricate world of natural resources management. These mentors, both Latinos, played a pivotal role in shaping his career and instilling in him a profound sense of responsibility to pay it forward.

“I would not be where I'm at without his help and guidance.”

For Luis, mentorship is a cornerstone of leadership in conservation. He acknowledges the guidance he received, and believes in giving back to the next generation of conservationists. In a field where representation can be limited, especially for Latinos, he sees mentorship as a means to bridge this gap. Luis envisions a future where more Latinos are inspired to join the conservation effort, contributing their unique perspectives and experiences.

“I feel a responsibility to do the same to whoever I get an opportunity to mentor.”

Leadership, for Luis, goes hand in hand with innovation. He recognizes the need for creative problem-solving in conservation work. In particular, he values the connection between research and practical implementation. Luis emphasizes that experimentation and collaboration between these two domains are essential to addressing the evolving challenges of wildfire management and forest restoration.

“Leadership in conservation means trying out new experiments, partnering with researchers, and being willing to work with them.”

As a member of the Latino Climate Council, he actively lends his expertise to address climate change, recognizing the power of collaboration within the Latino community.
“It's very exciting to meet other professionals, other natural resource professionals, and climate professionals that are Latinos.”

Additionally, Luis played a crucial role in reviewing and providing feedback on the Wildfire Management Toolkit developed by Hispanic Access Foundation. His firsthand knowledge and insights were invaluable in ensuring the toolkit's effectiveness in tackling California's wildfire challenges.

Luis’ commitment to knowledge-sharing extends to a webinar he recently hosted on wildfire ecology. This educational event, part of a Wildfire Training Series organized by Hispanic Access Foundation, aimed to break down complex concepts into easily digestible information for Spanish-speaking audiences. Beyond highlighting the challenges posed by wildfires, the webinar showcased the positive efforts being made to restore forests, emphasizing the resilience of nature and the dedication of those working to protect it.

In Luis, we find a leader whose journey from geology to forestry reflects his unwavering commitment to the environment. His unique path, driven by mentors who recognized his potential, serves as an inspiration for aspiring conservationists, especially within the Latino community. Luis’ belief in the power of mentorship and innovation ensures that he will continue making a lasting impact in the world of forest conservation, nurturing the next generation of conservation leaders and innovators, and contributing to a more resilient future for our natural world.

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