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20 December 2023

Avance Latino: First Forest Service CWDG Grant Applicant Testimonial

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One of our first Forest Service CWDG grant applicants, Avance Latino, took some time to reach out and shared the following about their experience with us. "We are incredibly grateful for Hispanic Access's unwavering support throughout this process. Their guidance and resources have been invaluable, and we are confident that with their continued partnership, we can achieve remarkable things.

Hispanic Access has been instrumental in our grant application process in several ways:

  • Expert guidance: They provided invaluable advice on crafting a compelling narrative, structuring the proposal, and tailoring it to the specific funder's requirements. Their insights were crucial in highlighting our strengths and effectively communicating our organization's impact.
  • Resource connection: They connected us with relevant resources, including sample proposals, grant writing templates, and funding databases. This saved us time and ensured we weren't starting from scratch.
  • Confidence booster: Their encouragement and belief in our project's potential were a huge morale boost. They helped us stay motivated and focused throughout the application process.

Hispanic Access's guidance was comprehensive and covered all aspects of the grant application:

  • Proposal development: They walked us through each section, offering suggestions on content, clarity, and conciseness. They also helped us develop a realistic and achievable budget.
  • Funder research: They shared insights into the specific funder's priorities and evaluation criteria, enabling us to tailor our proposal accordingly.
  • Grant readiness assessment: They conducted a thorough review of our draft proposal, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring we addressed all the funder's requirements.

Receiving this grant would be transformative for our organization. It will:

  • Amplify our impact: The funding will enable us to reach more individuals, expand our program offerings, and create a more significant positive ripple effect in the community.
  • Increase sustainability: The financial stability will allow us to invest in long-term initiatives, build our team, and ensure the program's continued success beyond the grant period.
  • Validate our work: The grant would be a powerful external recognition of our organization's effectiveness and dedication to serving the Hispanic community.

Honestly everything Hispanic Access did for us felt more than enough. Keep doing a great job, no need for improvement.”

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