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Throughout the year, Hispanic Access Foundation trains, mobilizes, and builds community among Latino leaders around the country. Hispanic Access Foundation leverages and elevates the expertise, talent and passion of our young, Black, Indigenous and People of Color professional networks to develop a shared narrative around environmental justice, workforce development, health, finance, and immigration.We also ensure that progress includes a holistic focus on impacts to the most vulnerable communities. With a diverse pool of experts, Hispanic Access Foundation’s leadership networks have been able to form and create substantial contributions to the knowledge, direction and movement of policy and program work in the our expert areas.

Olas y Acción Oceans Council (OyA)

Hispanic Access Foundation’s Olas y Acción is a group of young Latino professionals in ocean and marine science, who advise us year-round on ocean policy and our ocean content and materials. They help us organize community-based and national events and participate in fly-ins, lead webinars, speak with the media, assist with research and policy, carry out projects, and more.

Started in early 2020, Olas y Acción has been instrumental in immersing Hispanic Access’ conservation work in the ocean space. Our council members have participated in meetings with elected officials and congressional representatives to advocate for ocean and coastal protection and the Latinos working and living in these spaces.

Por La Creación Advisory Council (PLC)

The Por La Creación Faith-Based Alliance educates and empowers stewards of God’s creation to leave a legacy for the future by conserving our natural environment. Composed of Latino faith leaders around the US, Por La Creación encourages Latinos to take active engagement in protecting the nation’s air, climate and natural resources.

Working with communities, decision-makers, and the media, Por La Creación has a storied record of protecting nature and Latino cultural heritage in multiple states, including the recent protection of Castner Range National Monument in El Paso, Texas.

Latino Climate Council (LCC)

In 2022, Hispanic Access convened a new leadership network, called the Latino Climate Council, to mobilize the Latino community to act on climate and to help us navigate the complex, intersectional nature of climate change and just transition policy as it relates to Latino communities. The purpose of the Council is to diversify the movement, elevate Latino voices in climate advocacy, educate the Latino community on the importance of taking climate action, and activate Latinos as a crucial constituency in favor of climate action.

Although the Latino Climate Council has only been active for a year, they have a number of accomplishments to their name. They created a Climate Justice Fact Sheet in English and Spanish to educate their communities, collaboratively created Hispanic Access’ Farm Bill policy recommendations, distributed mutual aid lists following Hurricane Fiona, and have spoken to the media, created videos, spoken on panels to educate congressional staff on Capitol Hill, met with Congress and the Biden administration, and much more.

MANO Project (My Access to Network Opportunities)

Launched in 2015, Hispanic Access’ MANO Project serves to connect, build, and develop thoughtful Latino and other minority leaders who share a passion for serving and strengthening their communities. With MANO, Hispanic Access brokers partnerships with federal agencies and recruits current college students or graduates (ages 18 to 35) across the country to serve in rigorous federal internships and fellowships.

Currently there are 128 interns serving across the country and territories with over 600+ alumni in our network. 

Hispanic Leadership Network (HLN)

The Hispanic Leadership Network is a leadership program to support young, mid-career and experienced Latino pastors serving high-need rural and urban congregations across the U.S. The program helps to enhance the ability of pastors to serve the unique needs of Latino congregations and support them in key transition moments in their career.

Our current cohort consists of 27 members from across the country and Puerto Rico with over 50 alumni.

Join a council to help build your leadership skills!

We offer fun events, enriching workshops and trainings, peer support, networking opportunities, chances to be featured in videos and articles, chances to meet your elected officials, public speaking opportunities, and much more!

You will be making a difference and working for your community.

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