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Jorge Rivera Flores
Agency: U.S. Forest Service
Program: Resource Assistance Program (RAP)
Location: U.S. Forest Service Headquarters
Intern Year(s): 2024

Jorge Rivera Flores

I am a seasoned biologist with over 4 years of hands-on experience, specializing in environmental studies and curriculum development for science departments. Throughout my academic journey, I've had the privilege of mentoring numerous undergraduate students, guiding them in both their academic and research pursuits. My involvement in significant projects, especially in environmental research, has been complemented by my role in shaping the curriculum for the science department. Beyond research, I excel in troubleshooting laboratory challenges and seamlessly integrating new technologies into our workflows. My collaborative and helpful nature is often commended by colleagues and students, creating a positive and productive research environment. Holding an associate's degree in Chemical Technology and a bachelor's degree in General Biology, I am delving deep into my master's thesis on the biodegradation of plastics by microorganisms. Driven by an insatiable curiosity for biology, I continuously seek to learn and evolve in my field. I am enthusiastic about exploring new opportunities to make meaningful contributions.

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