08 November 2022

Consistent Wonderland

Written by: Charlene Juanico

I have experienced cold night hikes starting from 5 pm to maybe 12 am doing Boreal Owl surveys. We walk through the dark with our headlamps on listening to all of what nature can provide while searching for owl callbacks as a result of what I call our "boom box," but it is just a bird caller. The next couple of days can be a mixture of more owl surveys, bat surveys, monitoring our multiple wildlife cameras, or helping to OHV crew.

With the bat surveys, we post numerous acoustic bat detectors in locations that have been known to historically have bats. We then send off the screenings to labs to determine the species type. With our wildlife cameras, we have seen numerous bobcats (and several times with a kitten), deer, many rabbits, and a fox. We suspect that the rabbit(s) and bobcat(s) live within the specific camera vicinity. We helped the OHV crew with building more fences to block skiers from running over baby pine trees, preventing them from growing. We were building them at Berthoud Pass which is near Winter Park (highly recommend visiting there, it is BEAUTIFUL - a literal winter wonderland). We were going to go there again the next day but it started to snow and the slope to do this was a steep incline, so we did not proceed. Now, Winter is here in Idaho Springs, the cold brisk air is nothing I am unfamiliar with, but the constant snow is. I have lived here for ~6 months now and just beginning to get used to the elevation differences. The to-do list is constant and it is definitely something that I love about my job.  

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