28 March 2023

Puerto Rican Bomba in El Yunque? Magical!

Puerto Rican Bomba in El Yunque? Magical!

On March 25th, the IITF (International Institute of Tropical Forestry), where I work as a RAP, participated in the International Day of Forests activity held at El Portal Visitor Center in El Yunque National Forest. Being part of that activity was something MAGICAL!
Looking at the kids having fun and participating in the activities, folks networking with all the other agencies and organizations that were participating and exhibiting their work and contribution to the conservation of the forests, and the artisans selling their art inspired by nature were just a few things that made that day so memorable.

All the preparation, effort, and coordination was worth it. But do you want to know what the best part was? Puerto Rican BOMBA!
Almost at the end of the activity, I heard some drums in the distance and said aloud, "those are bomba drums".
Maybe you are asking yourself, "why is this so important to him?"... Well, I can explain.
Puerto Rican Bomba is an Afro-Caribbean rhythm that is part of our heritage. Puerto Rican Bomba represents who we are, how we feel, our culture and tradition, and our African heritage, and it feels good to see that we are integrating this part of us into these activities.

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