18 July 2022

Critical Vision: Vista vs Mindsight Una LCW Edición

Como te parece una semana—one week—when we from Latinx/Hispanic roots are not just encouraged pero organized, supported, and led by others que suenan y lucen como nosotros celebrating y [RE]connecting with our (minorities) World.
16 July 2022

Taking Our Kayaks Out For A Walk

Today, I want to share a story about one of the things that I did for my internship as it shows how hard it can be to prepare for all the possibilities that could happen…
15 July 2022

A Reflection on what it Means to be an Educator from a Future Educator

Hi! My name is Deliannie and I’m spending my summer working at the Providence Parks Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership in Providence, Rhode Island. So far, it’s been one crazy, fun-filled summer. If you had to…
13 July 2022

Dealing with the Cold and Technology Issues

Hello everyone, it's Krystjana again. It has been over a month since I started working at the AV archives, so I'm back to tell you more about my adventures. For one, you may notice in…
13 July 2022

Special Uses on the Santa Fe National Forest

Hello! My name is Lorraina and I’m in the Resource Assistants program through MANO. Through this program, I work for the US Forest Service in Special Uses at the Santa Fe National Forest here in…
12 July 2022

Time keeps flying

We all say it all the time “I can’t believe it’s already _______” insert -Thursday, June, Fall, ect. I say it all the time. I hear other people saying it all the time. Time keeps…

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