03 October 2022

MANO Project Interns, Alumni Nationwide Connect to the Outdoors During Latino Conservation Week

As we look back at this year’s Latino Conservation Week, it’s been exciting to see how it’s grown this year–from partners to network members.
30 September 2022
21 September 2022

Phase II

Phase II as my boss and one and only co-worker Chris Elbich calls it includes benchmarking National Parks interpretive programs through various metrics. The metrics we are using for this benchmarking process of include volunteer…
13 September 2022

Surveys and Site Visits

It may not be August anymore, but time seems to fly faster now compared to the start of my internship. At the same time, I’ve been working on conservation measures and getting a grasp of…
12 September 2022

What’s next?

Post my internship with U.S. FWS, I accepted a contract with One Montgomery Green (OMG) in partnership with Bethesda Green as a Community Outreach Coordinator.
10 September 2022

Mt. Baldy Recreation

Baldy Breeze   Back again and what can I say? Mt. Baldy has had some interesting events occur since my last post. From fires, to the annual race, to even a helicopter crash, this mountain…

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